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The Team

The people who make your adventure possible, from preparing delicious meals to guiding your tour.

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JP Fortin

Owner + CEO

JP oversees the development of new adventures, guide training, strategic planning, marketing and destination development partnerships.
Tristan Fortin

We’re a family business and you’ll often find Tristan helping out around the Nordegg Canteen.
Scarlett Fortin

We’re a family business and you’ll often find Scarlett helping out around the Canteen.
Danielle Fortin

Owner + General Manager

Danielle oversees the day-to-day operations across all our brands, including tour logistics, guest services and the Nordegg Canteen.

Industry Partners

In addition to our fantastic staff, we’re fortunate to work with some amazing partners in the outdoors, food and tourism industry. These include Travel Alberta, David Thompson Country, MODERNSPEAK and Roam Creative along with the great regional producers and outdoor brands we feature in our adventures.