Abraham Lake Ice Conditions

Our Latest Observations

We’re sharing updates on the ice conditions at Abraham Lake to help you plan your adventure. Keep in mind that conditions change quickly.

This represents the conditions we have observed at a specific point in time. We do not test the ice for public safety and you should only use the information we provide as a starting when making your decisions.

Ice safety depends on many more factors than the ice conditions alone. Anybody going on the ice should have the knowledge and experience to assess the risks or consider going with a guide.

We update the information as we have time, based on the reports we get from our local guides and partners. We do not have the resources to post updates daily nor to provide updates on demand. 

Guided tours are available if you’re looking for more information than what we can offer here, including about ice safety and the best locations to see the ice bubbles. 

Latest Updates

Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – March 10 2024
Some great late season patches of clear ice and bubbles can be found if you take the time to explore.
Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – February 23 2024
The ice bubbles are holding up after another week of freeze-thaw cycles.
Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – February 17 2024
The wind is clearing the snow off the lake nicely and there are some great patches of clear ice and bubbles to be found.
Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – February 12 2024
Some great patches of clear ice and bubbles to be found along with interesting features across the lake.
Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – February 7 2024
The drastic fluctuations in temperatures combined with snow and wind have created some of the strangest and most interesting ice patterns we’ve ever seen on Abraham Lake.
Abraham Lake Ice Conditions – February 2 2024
The ice is holding out well after a week of warm temperatures. Cline Landing remains the best option for those who are less familiar with ice safety.
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