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Scramble up the creek bed to a cave and great views of Abraham Lake. The popular Hoodoo Creek hike offers great views the entire way along highway 11.

An unofficial trail takes you in and out of the creek bed, making your way up the narrowing valley pass two hoodoos on the way to the shallow cave.

Hoodoos like the ones you’ll see on this hike are evidence of the glaciers that once covered the area. As they advanced and retreated over the region, they carried rocks of various size and deposited them along the way.

The deposit, called till, contained a mixture of clay, sand fragments and occasionaly large rocks. In some cases like here, the calcium carbonate in the limestone cemented the deposits together.

A the water eroded the deposits, those hardened deposits remained as pillars called hoodoos.



  • 1.0 km | Hoodoos
  • 1.8 km | Cave Access
  • 1.9 km | Cave


  • Retrace your steps back to the trailhead


Unfortunately this trail can be a little hard to find at first. Alberta Transportation has now added a green highway sign for Hoodoo Creek, making it easier to find the trailhead but there is still no trailhead parking lot. On weekends it’s often easier given the number of cars parked on the side of the road, otherwise it is the first major creek after Windy Point when you’re heading west. There is a cairn on the side of the road with a stick and quite often flagging tape marking the start of the trail.

The trail is on the right side of the creek and right from the start there are some great views of Abraham Lake and surrounding mountains.

For the first kilometre, the trail is in good shape and stays to the right of the creek while it steadily gains elevation. The views improve as you go and before long you’ll reach the hoodoos that are the namesake for this creek.

After the hoodoos the trail disappears and the next section is a mix of walk and scramble along the creek bed.

The access to the cave is up a steep scree slope. It is a well used path and quite easy to find.


If you have time after visiting the cave it is well worth continuing up the creek for 300 to 600 metres. At a fork in the creek there is a nice cascade down the side of the mountain and going further on the right fork gives some nice views of the V shaped valley, Mount Michener and Abraham Lake below.


To head back to the trailhead, simply retrace your footstep. Walking down the creek all the way to the highway is an option but the trail is faster.


This is a pleasant hike usually suitable for families. Too often however we encounter unprepared groups on this hike. You will be hiking on a creek bed, over boulders and up a scree slope which all require proper footwear.

The creek is very shallow, not much more than a stream, on most days. It is obvious however from the width of the creek bed, the size of the boulders and the signs of slides that this hike can be treacherous on a rainy day or during a storm.

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