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Ice Bubbles Parking Lot + Hoodoo Creek Area

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The most accessible location on Abraham Lake

The new parking lot and lake access lead you to one of the best spots for ice bubbles on Abraham Lake with the classic views of Mount Michener and Sentinel Mountain.

The area between Hoodoo Creek and Windy Point has long been a favourite of ours, with great ice bubbles and views. In 2021 Alberta Environment built a new parking lot for this area, making it much easier to access the ice bubbles.

This is where you will find the deeper stacks of bubbles and the turquoise ice, complete with Abraham Mountain, Windy Point Ridge, Kista Mountain, Mount Michener, Elliott’s Peak and Sentinel Mountain as your backdrops.

It does get busy but there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the moment once you get on the ice.

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Head Out On Your Own

Sometimes you just want to head out on your own to explore the area. We get it. That’s why we share guides like these. Keep in mind that these aren’t the only options to see the ice bubbles but they are the most popular and easily accessible ones.

You’ll find our guides to other ice bubble locations on Abraham Lake here.

Accessing the Ice

There are a few options to access the lake in this area but the easiest is to park at the new Ice Bubbles parking lot instead of illegally parking on the side of the highway.

At the parking lot, the lake can easily be accessed by walking down the rocky shore, following the path that starts at the locked gates. Access to the lake is only 100 metres here, but the rocky shorelines and ice left on shore can make it challenging.

Ice Bubbles and Ice Features

This area is my favourite with clear ice, lots of interesting features along the shoreline and amazing backdrops. The best options change from week to week depending on conditions, but we always find some amazing options in this area. This is especially true if you’re willing to walk a little further and spend some time exploring.

Safety Considerations

This area is fairly straightforward from an ice safety perspective. If you head out toward Windy Point, avoid the area where a stream enters the lake and the island. The cliff edge of the island is not always visible, and the ice there breaks easily.

If you’re heading in the other direction, toward Hoodoo Creek, keep an eye for another stream entering the lake and the pressure ridge that often forms in that area. You’ll be able to identify the pressure ridge from the wide white line going across the lake, with broken ice pointing up.

Ridges like this happen when the pressure on the ice sheet builds up, causing one sheet to slide over the other. The ice around pressure ridges is weak and should be avoided.
Most incidents on Abraham Lake happen on the shore. Watch for broken ice over rocks that create a fall hazard.
Avoid areas, like along this island between the access and Windy Point where the shoreline is steep.


We share updates on ice conditions to help you plan your adventure. Keep in mind that conditions change quickly and that weather forecasts are often unreliable in the Abraham Lake area.

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