Ladies Hiking Group: Coral Creek Canyon

by | Published on May 25, 2018 | Last updated on May 25, 2018

We have the pleasure of running a private monthly hiking series for a group of ladies this summer. The first hike of the season took us along the Cline River Canyon and Coral Creek Canyon on an easy to moderate 7 km hike.

This is a great early season option, clear of snow and with only a few steeper sections to challenge you along the way. The views of the canyons are great throughout the hike and the horse trail makes for an easy way back to the trailhead after lunch. For those who took part in the Icefalls + Ice Bubbles Tours during the winter months we get to see the other side of the canyon and at this time of the year we can usually see some of the ice still clinging to the canyon walls.

The hike starts along the Cline River and before long we reach the end of the canyon, where the water comes out at a 90 degree turn in the river.

From there the hike starts a slow ascent as we make our way along the narrow canyons.

A few short but steep sections get us warmed up on an early season hike.

A note of caution if you’re heading out on your own: this trail is in great shape and relatively easy but there are no signs and unlike Siffleur Falls there are no railings along the canyon.

Remnants of the icefalls in the Cline River Canyon. This is the destination of our Cline River Icefalls tours in the winter where we access the canyon floor from the other side of the river.

Our destination is the entrance of the canyon where a viewpoint overlooking the broad valley above makes for a great lunch spot.