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Working together to share our region's stories

The Nordegg & Abraham Lake region is our base for adventure. It’s a place that offers a different kind of Rockies experience where our idea of nightlife is campfires and starry skies. Our best trails are often unmarked, sometimes even missing from the maps. Adventures off the beaten path take a little more effort, but the rewards are well worth it: stunning canyons, incredible peaks, glaciers, amazing rivers and the ice bubbles of Abraham Lake.

Yes, our region is a little more rugged than the nearby National Parks, but that’s part of the charm for those who love an adventure. And we’re here to help. Our focus is on the outdoor lifestyle, from soft adventures to gear, food and culture.

We love working with members of the media, creators and production companies to share the stories of our region. 

Media + Creator Stories – Alberta
Areta from wrote a nice article about her experience on one of our Red Deer Market tours in 2017. – Alberta
Rhonda and Mike from came out on a Snowshoe in the City in Red Deer for their Romatic Getaway article. – Alberta
Sue and Dave from Travel Tales of Life came to Red Deer and we were able to take them around on the bike trails.

Media + Creators

We love working with media and creators to share the story of the Nordegg & Abraham Lake region. Most of our work hosting media, influencers and creators is done through partnerships like Explore Nordegg & Abraham Lake or in collaboration with Travel Alberta and David Thompson Country.

Looking to include one of our adventures in your story? Media rates are available on most of our tours and we have an extensive collection of images that can be used in stories featuring our adventures. Contact Danielle Fortin at or 403 986-6190 with any questions or to book your adventure.

Photo + Film Shoots

The Nordegg & Abraham Lake region provides a breathtaking backdrop for your shoot. Our team is there to help make your experience easier, from finding the best locations to obtaining permits and planning the travel logistics.

Our permits allow us to do commercial photography and video shoots for smaller productions (up to 12 participants including crew and talent) without you needing to apply for additional permits in most locations in the region. We can assist you in obtaining permits for locations managed by Alberta Parks.

Contact Danielle Fortin at or 403 986-6190 to get started.

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