Explorer Series: Coral Creek Canyon Guided Hike

Coral Creek Whitegoat Staging Area

This hike takes us along two narrow canyons: the Coral Creek Canyon and the Cline River Canyon. We take our time walking along them to enjoy the views and surrounding mountains.


Explorer Series: Soil Painting

Nordegg Canteen 4 Stuart Street, Nordegg, Alberta

Discover how you can turn soil and rocks into paint and how local artist Crystalynn Tarr uses them to depict the local plants and wildlife.


Explorer Series: Whitegoat Falls Guided Hike

Cline River Waste Transfer Station

A great option for families and those looking for a shorter hike with great rewards. The trail takes us through the forest as we make our way to the pretty double falls on Whitegoat Creek.


Explorer Series: Drawing Off The Land – Willow Charcoals

Nordegg Canteen 4 Stuart Street, Nordegg, Alberta

Connect with the region in a different way: learn to make willow charcoal drawing sticks and sketch the surrounding landscape with them as we explore local trails.


Explorer Series: Coliseum Mountain Guided Hike

Coliseum Mountain Staging Area

Overlooking Nordegg, this classic hike to the site of the first fire lookout in the Alberta Rockies provides a vantage point like no others. Enjoy the full 360-degree panorama from the summit.


Explorer Series: Glaciers + Fires Scenic Float

Landslide Lake Interpretive Fire Trail

Explore one of the most dramatic sections of the North Saskatchewan River with glaciers as the backdrop as we float through an area that burned a few years ago.


Explorer Series: Through the Lens – Life in Miniature

Nordegg Canteen 4 Stuart Street, Nordegg, Alberta

Slow down and see the tiny world around us, from lichens and fungi to mushrooms and insects as we get a closer look at the unfamiliar that surrounds us.