Skoki Cookbook


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The Skoki Cookbook is full of creative and colourful dishes presented with a side of history, a dash of noteworthy tidbits and a handful of gorgeous photographs contributed by local photographers who often make the journey to Skoki Lodge.

Katie Mitzel has been whipping up culinary delights in this remote backcountry lodge for many years and is now excited to share a glimpse into her rustic kitchen secrets. She has combined the essences of humour and cooking inside these pages and has revealed what unites certain ingredients to our spiritual well-being by offering them up in this collection of beautifully crafted recipes. Allow The Skoki Cookbook to forever transform your vision of the great outdoors, along with cooking nutritious and delicious meals, into something fun, easy and adventurous.

This fabulously designed book is full of gorgeous photographs, some local history, commonly asked questions about the lodge and of course all of your favourite recipes – bread, meat dishes, vegetables, desserts, etc.