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Smoky Skies and Wildflowers

by | Published on July 21, 2017 | Last updated on October 29, 2021 | Explore Nordegg

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The smoke from the wildfires in British Columbia and the Verdant Creek fire moved into the Kootenay Plains earlier in the week while we were camping. The hazy skies made it harder to get the mountain photos we were hoping for but give a surreal feel to the area.

The wildflowers were out along the highways and trails, making for some pretty hikes along the way.

Mount Ernest Ross in the background
Red paintbrush along Glacier Trail
Hazy skies and wildflowers
Highway 11 above Preacher's Point
Brown Eyed Susan
Red Paintbrush
Tiger Lily
White Camas

Windy Point

Windy Point is one of my favourite spot on a smoky day. The mountains are lines barely visible through the haze, giving a feeling of standing on the edge of nowhere as the strong winds blow by.

Mount Michener barely visible in the smoke