Explore the North Saskatchewan River

There’s something special about floating down the river that makes the views of the surrounding mountains even better. Maybe it’s the smell of the forest, the sound of water or just what happens when we slow down to enjoy the moment.

Our scenic float tours are on the upper North Saskatchewan River, between Banff National Park and Abraham Lake. This scenic stretch of the river takes us through areas where wildflowers are growing following recent forest fires, through the Kootenay Plains and to small lakes that are hard to reach otherwise.

Our small group size allows us to be flexible while on tour and to slow down to enjoy the journey. We take care of all the logistics and equipment so that all you have to do is enjoy the amazing destinations that the Nordegg and Abraham Lake region has to offer.

Signature River Tours

From $85 per person
The Icefields Scenic Float
Take in the views of Wilson Icefields from the North Saskatchewan River on this 1 hour float tour.
From $139 per person
The Kootenay Plains Scenic Float
Float through the golden plains of the Saskatchewan, from Whirlpool Point to Preacher’s Point. Enjoy the views of the open valley and mountains on this scenic section of the North Saskatchewan River.
From $185 per person
Glaciers + Fires Scenic Float
Explore one of the most dramatic sections of the North Saskatchewan River with glaciers as the backdrop as we float through an area that burned a few years ago.

Fall Colours

These tours are some of the best ways to capture the fall colours along the North Saskatchewan River and Abraham Lake, from the snow-capped peaks to the flooded aspens. All our scenic floats listed above are available from May to mid-October while these tours are available from mid-August to mid-October.

From $225 per person
River Reflections Scenic Float + Photo Tour
Capture a different side of the North Saskatchewan River valley on this adventure as we explore oxbow lakes, smaller channels and viewpoints accessible from the river.

Head Out On Your Own

We have kayaks available for rent if you prefer to head out without a guide.

Outdoor Gear Rentals
Whether you’re looking for a few extra pieces of equipment or trying something new, renting makes it easy for you to enjoy your adventure.

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