Winter Sightseeing Tours

Discover the wonders of winter

Explore the magic of winter, from snow-covered trees to the wonderland of ice bubbles and frozen waterfalls.

Our sightseeing tours aren’t the typical “look through the window as we drive by” tours but rather a collection of short adventures that let you discover some of our favourite places that you can experience with just a short walk from the vehicles. Pick a date, bring a few friends along or treat yourself to a solo adventure and head out to explore the region with your guide.

Our small group size allows us to be flexible while on tour and to slow down to enjoy the journey. We take care of all the logistics, equipment and lunch so that all you have to do is enjoy the breathtaking scenery our destination has to offer.

Full-Day Adventures

From $403 per person
Heli Snowshoe + Ice Bubbles Adventure
See the Abraham Lake region from a unique perspective: a sightseeing flight + an alpine snowshoe tour + an ice walk on the ice bubbles!
From $170 per person
Glaciers + Ice Bubbles
A full day of sightseeing on the Icefields Parkway and an Abraham Lake ice walk to see the bubbles. Available from Nordegg & Lake Louise.
From $160 per person
Crescent Falls + Ice Bubbles Tour
A full day of sightseeing, including stops at Crescent Falls, Bighorn Canyon and an Abraham Lake ice walk to see the bubbles.