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We’re always interested in hearing stories from writers, photographers, artists, and other creatives. If you’re as passionate about the Nordegg & Abraham Lake area as we are, we’d love to hear your voice and showcase your unique experiences on our website.


Nordegg & Abraham Lake offers a different kind of Rockies experience where nightlife means campfires and starry skies, where the best trails are often unmarked and sometimes even missing from the maps. Adventures off the beaten path take a little more effort, but the rewards are well worth it: stunning canyons, incredible peaks, glaciers, amazing rivers and the ice bubbles of Abraham Lake.

Our mountain setting is what draws our guests to the region and keeps them coming back. It provides the backdrop for the activities they love, and the ones they are discovering, whether that’s taking in the sights, hiking, floating down the river, snowshoeing, or capturing those moments through art or photography.


We believe that every adventurer has a story worth telling, and we want to give you the platform to do just that. Whether you’re an experienced hiker, a daring mountaineer, an avid wildlife spotter, or a local artist, we welcome contributions from all walks of outdoor life. We are looking for narratives that will emanate the essence of the Nordegg & Abraham Lake area.


We’re interested in all things related to outdoor exploration, jaw-dropping scenery and human history in the Nordegg & Abraham Lake area. Whether it’s a heart-pounding summit victory, an epic multi-day wilderness adventure or your process as an artist, every adventure counts. Here are some of the things we are looking for:

  • Exciting adventure stories that are particularly interesting or compelling. These should be a bit more than your average weekend adventure: aspirational yet accessible.
  • Personal stories and adventure travel essays – share your personal insights, revelations, and the transformational power of the great outdoors.
  • Photo essays – show us the beauty of the area through your lens.
  • Your process as an artist who draws their inspiration from the Nordegg & Abraham Lake region.
  • Interesting or compelling stories related to hiking, backpacking, climbing, paddling, fishing, biking or any other way you explore our region.
  • Profiles of interesting and inspiring people in the Nordegg & Abraham Lake community.
  • We love quirky and unconventional stories! It is what makes our region so interesting.


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