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Spend the night under the stars

Find yourself waking up to the sun rising over Mount Michener at Abraham Slabs, enjoying a sunset paddle on Fish Lake or relaxing to the sound of the North Saskatchewan River at Wildhorse Creek.

Camping is the perfect way to slow down and explore the region. And we’re lucky to have amazing camping spots all over the region.

Most of the region’s campsites are a little more rustic and that’s part of what makes our region a special place.

Above: Camping in the trees at Upper Shunda Campground in Nordegg
Above: Open views of the Canadian Rockies at Two O’Clock Creek Campground

You’ll find sites with power at Fish Lake Campground while David Thompson Resort is the only full-service campground in the region.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, check out Alberta Parks campgrounds like Thompson Creek or take it a step further at one of the rustic camping areas like Preacher’s Point, Wildhorse Creek or Allstones.

Not sure what’s the difference between a campground, a rustic camping area or random camping? Check out our guide to find out more.

Stories & Inspiration For Your Camping Adventure

What’s the Difference between Campgrounds, Camping Areas and Random Camping?
How to choose the best camping spot for your next adventure in the Nordegg & Abraham Lake region, from serviced campsites to crown-land camping.
Family Hiking Weekend on The Kootenay Plains
Head out for a weekend of easy family hikes, memories by the campfire and a little exploring in David Thompson Country and the Abraham Lake area.
Vanilla Marshmallows
Why make your own marshmallows? Aren’t they hard to do? It’s surprisingly simple, fun and they taste so much better! The real bonus is that homemade marshmallows fit way better between graham crackers for your s’mores!
Pancakes with campfire-roasted peaches
Lazy mornings when we’re camping usually mean pancakes. Adding peaches cooked on the campfire makes it even better.
Lemon Rosemary Foil Pack
Coming back from a day of hiking quickly put together a few ingredients, wrap it up in foil and place on the fire while you enjoy a little après.
This homemade granola is quick to pull together and is a healthy and delicious treat. You will be amazed by how wonderful your home smells while it cooks.
Campfire Pizza From Scratch
Pizza might now be the first thing that jumps to mind when planning a camping trip but once you try it’ll quickly become a tradition.
Fish Lake Campground
Fish Lake is one of the region’s largest campgrounds, set on the shores of Shunda Lake and only 10 minutes from Nordegg.
Upper Shunda Creek Campground
The perfect basecamp to explore the east end of the region, located in Nordegg. Explore the nearby hiking and OHV trails or head out to historic site for a tour.
Two O’Clock Creek Campground
The smaller Two O’Clock Creek Campground is one of the most scenic in the region and is located near some of the most popular trails, like Siffleur Falls.
Thompson Creek Campground
The best option for those looking to explore Banff National Park and Abraham Lake.
Goldeye Lake Campground
Goldeye Lake is a popular family campground along the David Thompson Highway. Located near the lake, the sites are secluded and offer a great experience.
Crescent Falls Campground
A secluded campground along the Bighorn River, next to the popular Crescent Falls. Closed until July 2024 due to construction.
Wildhorse Creek Rustic Camping Area
A pretty camping area along the North Saskatchewan River with great mountain views and easy access to nearby adventures.
Allstones Rustic Camping Area
A popular spot on the shores of Abraham Lake with cliff jumping in late summer and access to the Allstones Lake and Creek trails.
Bighorn Dam Rustic Camping Area
One of the busiest camping spots along Abraham Lake and the only one allowing OHVs with direct connections to the trail system.
Preacher’s Point North Rustic Camping Area
This is one of the most easily accessible lakeside camping spots in the region, making it one of the most popular.
Preacher’s Point South Rustic Camping Area
A pretty camping spot with great mountain views, easy access to adventures and amazing paddling on Abraham Lake in the fall.
Abraham Slabs Rustic Camping Area
A central location with great views of Abraham Lake and close access to some of the best adventures in the region.
Beaverdam Campground
This small creek-side campground is great for an evening paddle, fishing on Shunda Creek or for a quick overnight stay in the Nordegg area.
Ram Falls Campground
A remote campground with amazing views an hour south of Nordegg on the Forestry Trunk Road.
Harlech Campground
Harlech is a small highway-side campground, reminiscent of the era when the Alberta Forestry Services operated most of the campsites in the region.
Dry Haven Campground
Dry Haven is one of the most basic campgrounds along the David Thompson Highway. Amenities are few, sites are open but the shelter is welcome on rainy days.
Saunders Campground
A small campground found in Saunders Provincial Recreation area, most suited for canoers and boaters launching or exiting the North Saskatchewan River.
Shunda Viewpoint Group Campground
A group campsite in the foothills with great views of the Brazeau Range and the North Saskatchewan River gap.
Cavalcade Group Campground
Cavalcade is one of the most scenic campgrounds in the region and a great option for those travelling as a group.
Aylmer Group Campground
A group campsite along the Forestry Trunk Road with great views of the North Saskatchewan River in the foothills.
Blackstone Group Campground
A group campsite on the Forestry Trunk Road on the shores of the Blackstone River in the foothills.

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Join Us On A Guided Tour

Our scenic floats and guided hikes are the perfect match for your camping adventure.

From $80 per person
Whitegoat Falls Guided Hike
An easy half day hike to the pretty Whitegoat Falls near Abraham Lake where the creek has cut through the rock to create a double falls.
From $85 per person
The Icefields Scenic Float
Take in the views of Wilson Icefields from the North Saskatchewan River on this 1 hour float tour.
From $139 per person
The Kootenay Plains Scenic Float
Float through the golden plains of the Saskatchewan, from Whirlpool Point to Preacher’s Point. Enjoy the views of the open valley and mountains on this scenic section of the North Saskatchewan River.
From $185 per person
Glaciers + Fires Scenic Float
Explore one of the most dramatic sections of the North Saskatchewan River with glaciers as the backdrop as we float through an area that burned a few years ago.
From $110 per person
Coral Creek Canyon Guided Hike
This moderate hike takes us along two narrow canyons: the Coral Creek Canyon and the Cline River Canyon. We take our time walking along them to enjoy the views and surrounding mountains.

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