What to Expect

The adventure starts long before you meet your guide. That’s why we’re here to help from the time you start planning your trip to sharing memories afterward.

The first step is finding the right adventure for you and your group. We offer half-day, full-day and multi-day tours throughout the year with different levels of activity.

You’ll see information about how challenging the tour is along with any fitness requirements on each of the tours listings. Keep in mind that all of our tours involve walking on uneven ground, making an easy tour slightly harder than a walk in a city park. The age recommendation is based on the abilities and interests we usually see from children taking part in our tours, with certain exceptions due to regulatory requirements. Our guides can adapt most itineraries based on the group’s age and abilities for private tours, keeping in mind that it may mean not reaching the intended destination in some cases.

The other option is choosing between a private tour or joining others on a public tour. All of our tours are private tours with the exception of those listed as part of the Explorer Series. Private tours are great when you want to share the moment only with your group, when you’re travelling as a family, and are easier to make it fit within your schedule. The Explorer Series is a great option if you’re travelling solo or with a partner, are flexible with your schedule and like to meet others who are exploring the region.

Choosing When to Visit

The next step is choosing when to visit the region. We find beauty throughout the year but if you have something specific in mind, like catching the sunburst between the peaks of Ex Coelis or perfectly clear ice on Abraham Lake, you will need to plan your trip around a smaller timeframe. We include some of these details in the tour description and explorenordegg.ca but reach out to us if you are looking for something specific.

Planning Your Trip to Nordegg

Nordegg is a small hamlet between Central Alberta and Banff National Park. There are approximately 100 year-round residents which means that certain services available in larger communities are not available here. For example, the nearest grocery stores are in Rocky Mountain House, an hour away from Nordegg, and in Lake Louise, just over an hour away from Preacher’s Point. There are two gas stations in Nordegg that carry basic groceries, the Beehive Market carries fresh produce and you can pre-order cabin meals from us for your stay.

In the winter months you’ll find three restaurants open in Nordegg: the Nordegg Canteen, Miners’ Cafe and the Nordegg Lodge. Keep in mind that their hours are limited when planning your trip.

During the summer months you’ll find additional restaurants and gas stations in Cline River and at Saskatchewan Crossing.

The easiest way to get here is to fly to the Calgary International Airport and then drive a loop taking you up the Cowboy Trail and back through Banff. Doing a day trip from Calgary or Banff is possible, keeping in mind that Abraham Lake is 2 hours away from Banff and 3.5 hours away from Calgary.

Check out our other site, explorenordegg.ca for more information on the region, lodging options and other things to do while you’re here.

What to Bring

Each of the tour descriptions includes a list of items to bring with you. Making sure that you have appropriate clothing for the weather conditions (always bring some extras since weather conditions can change quickly) is the main thing that will make your adventure more enjoyable.

What’s Included

You’ll find a list of what is included in each of the tour descriptions. Generally, all of our tours include a professional guide, any equipment needed (e.g. ice cleats, snowshoes, hiking poles, etc) and a lunch or snack.

On the Day of your Tour

You’ll meet your guide at the location listed in the tour description tour or in the confirmation email on the day of the tour. Keep in mind that some of the meeting locations, including at Abraham Lake, do not have cell reception. If you have any questions prior to your tour, including on how to get to the meeting location, contact us or stop by the Nordegg Canteen as soon as possible.

We recommend being at the meeting location 10 minutes prior to the start of your tour, ready to go. Your guide will then go over the plans for the tour, cover safety details, check that you have the appropriate gear and answer any questions you may have.

At this point you’ll head out with your guide. Keep in mind that itineraries may change based on the conditions along with the group’s abilities and interests. The end time of our tours is approximate, make sure to let your guide know early on if you have other plans that require to be back by a certain time.

After Your Tour

Please contact us if you have any questions or if there’s anything we could have done better. If you had a positive experience we appreciate your reviews on Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor. Gratuities are not expected but are always appreciated by our guides.

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We acknowledge that the land on which we gather, explore and adventure is home to the Îyârhe Nakoda First Nation and the Smallboy Mountain Cree, part of the Treaty 6 and Treaty 8 Territories, part of the Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3, and has been the traditional meeting ground for many Indigenous Peoples since time immemorial. We are grateful for the stewardship of these lands along with the knowledge, traditions, and teachings that have been passed down through generations.

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